• Alumnus of the Year Open or Close

    1988                Wilbert J. Briggs, Sr. 
                    Percy E. Pollard, Sr.
    Gertie B. Williams
    1993                 Willie J. Bradley 
                    Shirley Alexander
    1995                 Dr. Foster B. Miles, Jr.
    1998                 Alveta Green 
    1999                 Jimmie Steverson
    2000                 Janice Ford
    2001                 Yvette G. Robinson
    2002                 Pearly M. Edwards
    2003                 Lucille V. Olds
    2004                 Goldie Miles 
    2005                 Edith Thompson Stanley
    2006                 Clarence Sessoms
    2007                 Emmett Smith
    2008                 Dr. Porcher L. Taylor, Jr.
                     Dr. Mildred F. Johnson
    2010                 John Hill
    2011                 Charles A. Brochett
    2012                 Gladys Fitzhugh-Pemberton
    2013                 Ann C. Taylor
    2014                 Keith Copeland 
    2015                 Vernall Battle-Kilpatrick
    2016                 Brenda Stith-Finch
    2017                 Lt. Colonel (Retired) Darryl Sharp, Sr. 


  • Chapter President of the Year Open or Close

    1989          Shirley Alexandar – Northern Virginia Chapter
    Edith Stanley – Tidewater Chapter 
    1994          Leon C. Miles  
    1995          William “Pete” Bennett – Greater Petersburg Chapter
    2000          Dr. Sandra Mobley – Richmond Chapter
    2002          Vernell Kilpatrick – Tidewater Chapter
    2004          Dewey Cashwell –Greater Petersburg Chapter
    2006          Erenest Miller - Prince Edward Chapter
    2009          Starrie Jordan - Greater Petersburg Chapter
    2010          Alveta Green - Tidwater Chapter 
    2011          Pamela Munden-Orr - Tidewater Chapter
    2012          Pamela Munden-Orr - Tidewater Chapter / (large chapter)
                      Herman Lundy - Mecklenburg/Brunswick Chapter / (small chapter)

    2013          Pamela Munden-Orr - Tidewater Chapter 

    2014          Brenda Stitch-Finch - Northern Virginia Chapter 
    Charlie Taylor - Dinwiddie County Chapter / (medium chapter)
                       Garvester "Tim" Thompson -  Tidewater Chapter /(large chapter)
    2016          Tiffani Sykes -  Varsity Club Chapter / (small chapter)
                      Linette Crenshaw Camp - Chesterfield Chapter / (large chapter)
    2017          Dr. Robert Bracey, III (Awarded Posthumously) -  Hanover Chapter
                      Linette Crenshaw Camp - Chesterfield Chapter 

  • Chapter of the Year Open or Close

    2006          Central Virginia Chapter (small)
                      Tidewater Chapter (medium)
                      Greater Petersburg Chapter (large)

              Prince Edward Chapter (small)
                      Tidewater Chapter (medium)

    2009          Louisa County Chapter (small)
                      Mecklenburg/Brunswick Chapter (medium)
                      Richmond Chapter (large)

    2010          Louisa County Chapter (small)
                      Mecklenburg/Brunswick Chapter (medium)
                      Tidewater Chapter (large)

    2012          Mecklenburg/Brunswick Chapter (medium)
                      Greater Petersburg Chapter (large)  

    2013          Northern Virginia Chapter
                      Greater Petersburg Chapter (medium)
                      Tidewater Chapter (large)

    2014          Dinwiddie County Chapter (medium)
                      Tidewater Chapter (large)

            Mecklenburg/Brunswick Chapter (small)
                      Dinwiddie County Chapter (medium)
                      Greater Petersburg Chapter (large)

    2016          Chesterfield County Chapter (medium)
                      Northern Virginia Chapter (large)

             Varsity Club Chapter (small)
                      Dinwiddie County Chapter (medium)
                      Chesterfield County Chapter (large)


  • Board Member of the Year Open or Close

    1992            Shirley Alexandar  – Northern Virginia Chapter
    2006            Charlyne Jackson-Fields Fredericksburg Chapter  
    Thomas Mayfield - Prince Edward Chapter 
    2009            Stephanie McNeil – VSUAA Executive Administrator 
    2010            Emmett Smith Richmond Chapter  
    2012            Claudia Lundy  - 
    Mecklenburg/Brunswick Chapter
    2016            Laurie Carpenter  - Tidewater Chapter

    **No award given in 2008, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017         

  • Orange and Blue Award Open or Close

    2014            Leslie Croker - Greater Petersburg Chapter

      Carletta Marrow  Ladies in Red Chapter
                        Angela Green - Chesterfield County Chapter  
    2016            No award given

    2017            Tiffani Skyes - Varsity Club Chapter 
                        Tiana Suber - Northern Virginia Chapter


    **This award was established in 2014    

  • Young Trojan Award Open or Close

    2014            Vivia M. Mosley - Greater Petersburg Chapter

      Casandra H. Balthrop and Eldon BurtonGreater Petersburg Chapter 
                        Lashrecse Aird - Ladies In Red Chapter  

    2016            Wesley R. Wright Northern Virginia Chapter 
                        Chantel Brown  - Greater Petersburg Chapter   

    Marcellus Bowie - Northern Virginia Chapter 



    **This award was established in 2014    


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