The Virginia State University Alumni Association is organized for the mutual benefit and prosperity of Virginia State University (VSU), its graduates, former students, and others committed to our Alma Mater.  As a collective expression of gratitude to VSU we form ourselves into this association so that our work and dedication will strengthen and support our Alma Mater ensuing that it remains a viable institution and that memories of our school life will be kept alive.

The objectives of the Association are to:

icon circle Act as a unifying agent.
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Govern, supervise and regulate all chapters established under the authority  
       and sanction of the Virginia State University Alumni Association.

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Solicit financial support and other resources from alumni, friends of the
University,and other sources. 

icon circle  Recruit students to attend Virginia State University.
icon circle  Maintain a wholesome and supportive relationship with the University when 
       suggesting or implementing alumni programs.

icon circle  Organize and mobilize the collective strength of the Alumni for
       the advancement of education.

icon circle  Stimulate and maintain a spirit of loyalty, love, and pride for our Alma Mater.
icon circle  Assist students through financial aid.
icon circle  Encourage and maintain a friendly, working relationship among graduates, former
       students, and Virginia State University personnel.
icon circle  Promote professional growth and rewarding outstanding service contributions to students and alumni of VSU.
icon circle  Acquire real and personal property.


VSU Alumni Association
P.O. Box 2488
Petersburg, VA 23804

Phone: (804) 524-5596
Email :  info2@vsuaaonline.com

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Annual Preliminary Chapter Reports Are Now Due:  

  • All VSUAA chapters are required to submit their annual preliminary chapter reports to remain in good standing.  Please click here to download the form and submit the form via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.