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Far above the Appomattox,
On its lofty hill,
Stands the school we love so dearly,
And we always will;
Though the years may come between us,
Still whatever our fate,
We will keep thy song before us.
Hail Virginia State.

Carry me back to Alma Mater,
Their stand the tree and the temples we adore,
Life’s sweetest song we will sing to our Mother,
Hail to Virginia State our home forever more.
Keep our aim and purpose steadfast,
Thru the darkest night,
Lead us on to full achievement,
By they guiding light;
Then when we fulfill our mission,
Be it small or great,
We will sing they praise forever.
Hail Virginia State

Composed by Alston Waters Burleigh in 1930, the Evening Song was dedicated to John M. Gandy, VSU's First President. 


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